What happens when a 23-year-old American girl jumps in a truck in the middle of China and starts hitchhiking across the country?

Cargo Girl: A Year Hitchhiking with Truckers Across China follows the incredible 6,000-mile journey of a 23-year-old woman riding in over 30 trucks, 3 cars, 2 buses, and a police car across central and western China.

The trip takes readers from the newly developing cities of central China through ghost towns and farmlands of the interior to the booming coast. This book offers a unique window into the heart of China from the passenger’s seat, exploring the economic and social forces that will shape the country in the next decade as the economy moves into the interior.

While painting a detailed picture of life and work in central China, the author tells a heartwarming story of two worlds meeting—an American girl and a group of Chinese truck drivers—who against all odds find threads of common understanding.  Through this journey, readers witness the depths of human kindness, explore the the meaning of community, and celebrate the familial connection that binds people together across the world.

“Katz has ventured through the heart of a place about which many economists speculate but never penetrate. Cargo Girl shows us how the lives of everyday people shape the global economy. Her insights are profound and grounded in respect for those who guide her journey.”

—Steve Daniels, Editor-in-Chief, Makeshift Magazine


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