Business is about people

I tell stories about how people around the world live and work as a way to understand industries, places, and cultures that are unfamiliar.  It can be daunting to try to learn about big, complex systems like a country or industry, and I start by understanding the people doing the work—how they live, why they work, what they hope for, what they are teaching their children.

For business, this knowledge is critical. If you are starting a business, expanding to a new place, or investing, you might find these stories enlightening. The stories also help us empathize with people in unfamiliar markets so we can collaborate, not just compete.


What I do

Research for readers and businesses

I am a researcher, writer, and consultant.  I currently run a healthcare technology company that facilitates new types of insurance payments. I have worked at McKinsey & Company consulting to businesses in the technology, transportation, and healthcare industries.  I have done work in the US, China, Indonesia, and the UK.

Previously, I spent a year in China on a Fulbright grant riding over 6,000 miles with truck drivers to learn about China’s massive, complex, and clunky transportation system.  I focused on observing the details of driver behavior to understand why the system is inefficient and to identify ways to improve it. I have consulted and spoken on the topic to organizations and individuals including FedEx, ExxonMobil, Navistar, McKinsey, Blue Ridge Capital, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and Berkshire Hathaway.

I hitchhiked across China to learn about the transportation industry. But more than anything, the drivers taught me about patience, hard work, and community. My first book, Cargo Girl: A Year Hitchhiking with Truckers Across China, tells this story.

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