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About me
I'm Rachel. I believe that the best way to understand an industry, a country, or a culture is to get to know the people who live or work in it every day. I collect and share stories about people from various places to understand how they work, play, build businesses, and how they see the world.
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I hitchhiked over 6,000 miles across China with truck drivers to learn about the transportation industry, China, and how people live in a world so different from my own. I wrote a book about it entitled Cargo Girl: A Year Hitchhiking with Truckers Across China.
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Reader comments
  • "Rachel's writing is extremely refreshing, down to earth and honest....this project is brave, creative and important."

  • "In all of Rachel's accounts, I could almost feel the atmosphere, the smells and sights, I can just imagine her interactions with the various people she meets and rides the trucks with."

  • "Rachel is unreal! I thought Jim Rogers was courageous – he’s the commodities investor who traveled around the world on a motorcycle and then by car. Rachel is much more so...fantastic!!"

  • "Rachel is doing the world a real favor by continuing her hands-on research."